Hi! I’m Jess. Since I was a kid, there have been three things that have been consistently important to have in my life; music, food, and stories. I am not a published author (nor a singer, although I try!), but since having my own kids I’ve re-connected with my somewhat mothballed love of writing. As my first novel seems eons away, I’ve decided to publish some of my miniature tales here. I do hope you can take something from them. Please consider subscribing below if you like what you read and follow me on Instagram. Thank you for dropping by.

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle twinkle little guy. I miss your gaze and your sweet cry. You’re up above this world, I know. A shining star, with love you grow. Rest now, rest my peaceful star. My baby brother, near or far. Your time, too short, my little man. Please hear me now, I know you can. I wish,Continue reading “Twinkle Twinkle”


I stare at the blue and yellow spotted socks, housed by brown leather shoes on crossed ankles, swinging under the seat in front of me. There is a scuff on the side of the left shoe. A small, dark blue thread hangs from the right sock. Brown cord laces hang, snug between the firmly interlockedContinue reading “Floodgates”

Cooking Class

‘Three tablespoons of minced garlic,’ Mal muttered beside me. Sweat was dripping off his forehead as he concentrated on the disproportionately simple Bolognese recipe. ‘It’s teaspoons, mate, not tablespoons,’ I said. Mal startled like a supine newborn with flailing arms. ‘Ahem,’ he recovered, ‘It is too.’ He fumbled for the teaspoon. ‘Are you okay, mate?’Continue reading “Cooking Class”


I woke groggily to the rising sun peeking around my curtain. I felt as if I’d only just fallen asleep. I pulled the pillow over my head to drown out the inevitability of daytime for a few moments more. My head spun and my body felt strangely light. I felt jetlagged. It was a harsherContinue reading “Accelerate”

Not Cool

‘I hate it!’ Silence. Had I gone too far? I was always the last to know. I scanned the room. Trish and Bernie were giggling. Maybe I was funny? Sal and Nancy were staring. Maybe I was cool? Claudia, Rosie and Nic were chatting. Maybe it was no biggie? My palms were sweating. My palmsContinue reading “Not Cool”

Picasso Cat

Look, it’s not the smartest thing I ever wrote… but it rhymes and it was fun! My cat is a Picasso.  He sleeps all upside down,  with his bum stuck in the air,  and his tummy on his crown.  One green eye is tiny.  The other’s large and red.  His whiskers are a zigzag,  andContinue reading “Picasso Cat”

Study Break

“Shoplifting is illegal,” I whispered, feeling anxious to leave as Paul joined me on the footpath. The front-page story I’d just seen in the newsstand lingered as we walked swiftly away from the corner store.   “Only if you get caught,” he said when we were safely out of sight. “Plus, it’s just a packet of lifesavers and some stamps. Nobody’s gonna miss those.”  “Lifesavers are gross.”  Continue reading “Study Break”


Soon. I glance at the time on my phone; a device that’s become way too familiar. I stare down at the chubby infant suckling contentedly on my raw nipple. The smell of up-chucked milk fills my nostrils. The sun glares in at me as I sit on my once-clean couch. I feel comfortably imprisoned inContinue reading “Secondness”

The Other Seven Percent

“Well now we’re in a pickle,” said Gus. The three men stood, panting, in the shadowed, cobblestone alleyway they had fortuitously happened upon. “I wouldn’t even call it a pickle,” Jasper said. “It’s more like a cucumber. One that rotted away, forgotten at the back of the crisper before it could fulfil its pickley glory.Continue reading “The Other Seven Percent”

Black List

“Um, Mel, did that plant just wave at me?” “No? No.” I frowned. “That definitely did not happen.” “I must be going mad then.” Todd returned a suspicious glance to the plant. “Yes, I’d say that’s the most likely explanation,” I forced a laugh as my eyes darted to the innocent succulent on the sideboard.Continue reading “Black List”

The Blackness

“Mummy, is Mama coming?” “No, my love.” Her fearful eyes glistened as she held her daughter tight. They stood alone on the hill, waiting. The long grass blew around the woman’s ankles and the dark clouds shrouded the painted dusk sky. She stole a glance back down the hill toward the farmhouse. It was darkContinue reading “The Blackness”


I knew the voices in my head weren’t real. But damn, they came up with some great ideas. I found myself sitting on an unfamiliar park bench, at dusk, disguised as Where’s Wally. I mean, how fucking brilliant! What a hoot. I loved Steve already. I wouldn’t tell my therapist about him. She tried toContinue reading “Puppet”


Dry, silken sand slips between my toes; cherishing the warmth of the sunken Spring sun. Footprints clutter my path, echoing countless sandy soles, since returned from their day’s play. Golden belts embrace the shore, narrating the diminishing tide as the evening waves fall gently to slumber. Lucent orange bulbs on arching poles line the beachContinue reading “Shore”

The Sandwich Critic

“Don’t look at me like that.” “Like what?” His eyes were puppy-like. “Like you know what I’m thinking.” “But I do!” “I don’t care. I hate that face.” “Well I hate your face,” he retaliated. “No you don’t.” “Oh, well who’s the mind reader now?” I punched his arm. This is how our conversations alwaysContinue reading “The Sandwich Critic”

Sleepy Business

Lay down, And close your eyes. Be still, I’ll sing you lullabies. Please, At least stay in your bed. No, The pillow doesn’t go on your head. Why, Do you need socks on your hands? Your list of excuses, Forever expands. For goodness sake, At least stay in your room. My date night dinner, IsContinue reading “Sleepy Business”


I took a slow, steady sip of my long black as I waited. The hard part was done. I felt unnaturally calm. Here, perched in the café across the road from her house, I had a marvellously inconspicuous vantage point. She’d be walking by shortly. I knew her schedule. I chanced a quick peek inContinue reading “Alive”

Sleep Writing

My child lies asleep, in bed,  And here I sit, to write.  I’m typing lots of rubbish,  And I have no book in sight.  I have about nine minutes,  Before she wakes and calls for me.  I could try to write a story,  Or just make a cup of tea.  The tea sounds rather tempting; Continue reading “Sleep Writing”


“…strange precipitation patterns continue across the globe, with alarming new information that individuals who have been Showered are turning translucent within minutes…” I switched off the TV, just moments before I vomited into the rank plastic bucket clutched weakly between my knees. My furry housemate jumped down from the couch and turned to stare atContinue reading “Forecast”

Never Let Go

Look at her, In the glinting dusk sun, With pink ruffles and cheeks that are wonderfully round. See her, How she gallantly toddles, As she earnestly searches for twigs on the ground. Dance with her, Twirl her gently around, Holding tight to the moment as time ruthlessly flies. Hear her, As she wildly squeals, AsContinue reading “Never Let Go”

Foul Play

She raised her green, gloved hand to hover dangerously close to the emergency call button. “All that blood looks good on you,” she taunted. “It really brings out your eyes.” Her red lips smiled sweetly.   “Don’t,” I whispered. My energy was depleted. Her enchanting hazel eyes were locked onto mine until the moment she swiftlyContinue reading “Foul Play”

Hide and Seek

“Jenga?” “I’ve got a better idea.” “Oh?” I tried to look seductive. There was a mischievous glint in his eye. “Hide and seek.” “Oh.” Not exactly what I was expecting from my sizzling hot date. “Okay!” I recovered, a little too optimistically. What did I have to lose? I was 43 and single. I thoughtContinue reading “Hide and Seek”

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